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I have been channelling Kryon for 18 years, and since the beginning Kryon has told me that we will come to a stage in our evolution where we begin to create reality out of pure love. Kryon has explained this over and over again in the channellings.

There is the possibility of metamorphosis for all of humanity, for each individual that wishes to take this path. And this is why I have chosen the logo of the butterfly.

I will teach you the philosophy of how the universe works and how we as human beings operate within this universe…

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I am a spiritual healer and channel.

I have been blessed with the gift of healing people, not physically, but emotionally. I am able to see far beyond the physical and can read an individual without judgment.

I have been guided by Kryon through many levels of consciousness. The experience I have gained in mastering these levels of consciousness has brought me to now being able to give to the world as Kryon gave to me…

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