Common Distractions During Meditation And How To Eliminate Them


Distractions are a part of mindfulness meditation whether internal or external. If you find yourself frustrated and annoyed with the distraction, don’t give up on meditation just yet. Everyone finds this challenging at first.


The fact that you get frustrated can be a mind pattern and if you notice it, instead of reacting to it, the frustration may change the pattern gradually. It is a very common experience to be distracted during meditation and also part of the learning process. Expect some frustration and learn to cope with it instead of trying to run away from it.

External Distractions

External distractions can range from children running around to pets wanting attention and technology to household issues such as plumbing problems. When you sit down to meditate, make sure you find a quiet place away from these distractions. Unless of course, you hear running water while all taps are closed. This would indicate a leak of some sort in which case you should hire a contractor for water leak detection – Pretoria (Gauteng).


Once you’ve fixed household issues or established that it isn’t that serious, keep in mind that distractions will always be there. If you can’t ignore the sounds, let them become a part of your meditation practice.

Internal Distractions

As for internal distractions, any thoughts that arise, watch them like clouds that move across the sky. Welcome these thoughts and try to visualise them separate from you and notice how you feel.


Always be patient with yourself. Keep in mind that thinking is a natural habit of the mind. Instead, label each thought as ‘planning’ or ‘thinking’ then gently guide your focus back to your breathing.


Distractions will come and go. If you learn to relax, you’ll learn to accept the tension you’re experiencing currently rather than fighting with it.