How Trees Help Us Stress Less And Feel More Restored


I love trees and spending time surrounded by these quiet giants is one of my favourite pass times. However, not everyone feels the same way, but perhaps they should. There’s just something special about being surrounded by trees — it leads to better health, more creativity and a feeling of wellbeing.


After all, trees are essential in our lives. The most obvious reason for this is that they produce the oxygen we breathe and extract the carbon dioxide to protect the atmosphere. But, it doesn’t stop there. Trees offer a whole range of other benefits too.


Being around trees and nature can help to decrease stress and anxiety. The psychological advantages of surrounding yourself with trees are significant and are expected to play a vital role in the future of promoting mental health. It is believed that ‘forest bathing’ — deliberately spending time in the forest — can reduce the stress of urban living.


No doubt being surrounded by trees affects our brains. According to a recent study by, people who live near trees have better ‘amygdala integrity’ which means their brains can handle stress better.


Trees also improve our physical health. Studies have shown that spending small amounts of time in the woods seems to improve our immune systems. A study by NCBI, suggests that trees might enhance our immunity due to specific aromatic compounds they release.


Similar to meditation, the benefits of being surrounded or close to trees are endless. If you’re lucky enough to have trees in your backyard, make sure you do them justice by keeping them in great shape. For the best results, hire a reputable contractor to head your tree felling Pretoria.


Trees are beneficial to us as human beings. Interacting with trees daily doesn’t just mental health, but physical health too. What are you waiting for? Get outside!