Previous Channellings

Date Title Venue
2012-Feb-02 Reawakening Yourselves Kaunas, Lithuania
2012-Sep-19 Message from Goddess Freya Riga, Latvia
2012-May-16 Upgrade your mind from 3D to 3½ D San Jose, Costa Rica
2012-Mar-07 Christ consciousness is the energy of the new world. San Jose, Costa Rica
2012-Jun-27 Message from Pagan Warrior Thor Riga, Latvia
2012-Jun-21 6 Months to 21-Dec-2012 Kaunas, Lithuania
2012-Jan-18 Activation of the Chakra of the New Age San Jose, Costa Rica
2012-Apr-25 This world belongs to everybody San Jose, Costa Rica
2011-Nov-11 The Great Human Awakening Santiago, Chile
2011-May-02 Energies of the Sacred Marriage San Pedro, Costa Rica
2011-Mar-14 “The gateway to healing is through your feelings” San Pedro, Costa Rica
2011-Jun-13 Healing the Military Energies in our family tree San Pedro, Costa Rica
2011-Feb-14 Take your inner work seriously San Pedro, Costa Rica
2011-Dec-12 Humanity is evolving San Jose, Costa Rica
2010-Oct-10 The New World is Coming Sydney, Australia
2010-May-15 Ascension: The role of Costa Rica Costa Rica
2010-May-05 Allow the love to flow Johannesburg, South Africa
2010-Jun-22 The Sacred Uncles St Gallen, Switzerland
2010-Jun-15 Your heart knows everything Munich, Germany
2010-Jan-26 True Love Cape Town, South Africa
2010-Feb-27 Love has many facets Devon, England
2010-Feb-18 The Fisher King Wound Durbanville, Cape Town
2010-Aug-07 Love is your True Nature Costa Rica
2010-Apr-01 The Divine Constellation Rosario, Argentina
2009-Sep-16 Journey into Consciousness Berlin, Germany
2009-Sep-10 Love is coming Vienna, Austria
2009-Oct-15 “The Masculine Energies” Graz, Austria
2009-May-06 The secret is to stay present Graz, Austria
2009-Mar-03 Breaking through the energy of shame Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2009-Jun-24 The blanket of love Salzburg, Austria
2009-Feb-03 Journeying into a new world Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2009-Dec-01 Awakening the Kundalini Salzburg, Austria
2009-Apr-07 Love is consciousness Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2008-May-06 Release the energy of anxiety Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2008-Mar-04 The process of gnosis Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2008-Jun-03 Power in Resolution Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2008-Jun-03 Power in Resolution Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2008-Feb-05 The dawning of THE New Age Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2008-Dec-02 Flow into the New World Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2008-Aug-05 The Dark side of the Moon Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2008-Apr-01 True love is coming Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2007-Sep-04 Your relationship with your mother Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2007-Oct-02 The energy of wealth Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2007-Nov-06 Do it anyway! Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2007-May-18 The Energy of The Flower Of Life Harare, Zimbabwe
2007-May-08 Live Your Life Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2007-Mar-31 Connect with your genius Wynberg, Cape Town
2007-Jul-03 Connecting to the Triple Sevens Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2007-Jan-27 Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Wynberg, Cape Town
2007-Feb-15 Love is in the air Vienna, Austria
2007-Dec-04 The energy of friendship Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2007-Aug-07 Magical Carpet Ride Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2006-Sep-03 Love is Light Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2006-Oct-03 Replenishing the inner mother and father Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2006-Nov-07 Every human being is here for a reason Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2006-May-02 Letting go of Fear Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2006-Jun-06 New Beginnings Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2006-Jul-04 Reconnecting your inner masculine and feminine Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2006-Jan-16 Message for 2006 Wynberg, Cape Town
2006-Feb-22 Aim to become your authentic self Lucerne, Switzerland
2006-Feb-07 Love is the answer Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2006-Dec-05 Configured Energetic Healing Vitesse Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2006-Aug-01 Love to Live and Live to Love Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2006-Apr-04 The Loving Series ~ Chapter 1 Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2005-Sep-07 Everything is within you Wynberg, Cape Town
2005-Oct-13 You are loved for no reason Graz, Austria
2005-Oct-06 Relationships Salzburg-Hallwang, Austria
2005-May-12 Open your Heart to Love Wynberg, Cape Town
2005-May-05 Merging masculine and feminine Milan, Italy
2005-Mar-03 Forgiving your parents Graz, Austria
2005-Jun-09 Terror of Love Paarl, Western Cape
2005-Jul-13 Love belongs to all Wynberg, Cape Town
2005-Jan-20 Deserving and abundance Paarl, Western Cape
2005-Feb-10 Healer, heal thyself Wynberg, Cape Town
2005-Dec-08 Be the fear Marina da Gama, Cape Town
2005-Apr-14 Release your parents with Love Paarl, Western Cape
2004-Sep-08 Releasing shame and guilt Wynberg, Cape Town
2004-Oct-13 Creating stress-free families Wynberg, Cape Town
2004-Nov-10 Overview of the future planet Wynberg, Cape Town
2004-May-19 Abundance & Love Wynberg, Cape Town
2004-Mar-10 Releasing Terror Lakeside, Cape Town
2004-Jul-14 The Whole Inner Child Wynberg, Cape Town
2004-Jan-14 Understanding relationships Lakeside, Cape Town
2004-Feb-04 True femininity Lakeside, Cape Town
2004-Dec-08 Overcoming obstacles on the journey to consciousness Wynberg, Cape Town
2004-Aug-11 Love is the way forward Wynberg, Cape Town
2004-Apr-14 Magician Energy Sea Point, Cape Town
2003-Sep-10 Your Bounty The Fountain, Durbanville
2003-Oct-08 Healing the psychological split The Fountain, Durbanville
2003-Nov-12 Healing a Broken Heart The Fountain, Durbanville
2003-Feb-12 Clearing the 2nd Chakra San Michele, Durbanville
2003-Dec-10 Love is here to stay The Fountain, Durbanville
2003-Aug-27 Warrior Energy The Fountain, Durbanville