Why Meditation Is The Best Tool For Stress Management


In the day and age we live in, stress is imminent. The demands of everyday life — balancing work, life and family — paired with the occasional curveball, can quickly send us over the edge. And if you’re not aware, stress isn’t just a mental thing. Chronic stress can make you physically sick too.


Have you ever noticed how some people are able to handle stress a lot better than others? You might think they are more resilient — and they might be — but perhaps they have ‘other’ ways of coping with everyday stresses.


Meditation is believed to be one of the best stress management techniques available to us and has gained much popularity in society in the last decade. More and more people are turning to this age-old practice to relieve stress as well as a host of other benefits.


Using Meditation to Alleviate Stress


You might be under the impression that meditation goes hand in hand with specific spiritual practices but it doesn’t have to. There are several different ways people use meditation for stress-relief:


  • You can use it to calm down quickly and to help reverse the stress response in your body.
  • You can be incorporated into your daily routine to help build stress resilience.
  • You can use it when you’re thrown off by emotional stress to get centred.


Our bodies react to stress automatically to prepare us to fight or run away. This physical response is helpful in some instances of severe danger but when your body is subjected to this response for a prolonged period, it can cause physical damage and make you sick.


Meditation affects your body in the exact opposite way. Where stress triggers your fight/flight mode, meditation triggers your relaxation response. It has the power to restore the body to a more relaxed and calm state which helps promote recovery and prevents new damage from stress.